Gear Shift

Something really wonderful and enormous has happened, but I want to wait until I have The Official Thingamajig before I make a major public announcement.  My brain is thrumming at a million thoughts per second, and I'm sure that only a teeny fraction of all of my thoughts about this Really Big Piece of News … Continue reading Gear Shift


Any Bloglovin’ is Good Lovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ! School starts back up today, but my classes meet T/Th and T/F, so my first day back isn't really until tomorrow. Somehow I am still working on my revision of my ENGL 50 syllabus, which--of course--is why I am momentarily procrastinating by doing a little blog maintenance and research....


10 years ago, I was living in New York City, working for a Broadway general management company. It was a full-time job, although it was not "the job I wanted." Since I was a little girl...


LDT Blahgs.

The blahs. I have them. Or rather, I have had them, and I continue to have them, although at some times, they are less aggressively BLAH than at other times. Hence the name of this site...