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School starts back up today, but my classes meet T/Th and T/F, so my first day back isn’t really until tomorrow.  Somehow I am still working on my revision of my ENGL 50 syllabus, which–of course–is why I am momentarily procrastinating by doing a little blog maintenance and research….and that includes getting this blog up and running on Bloglovin!

I’ve been online journaling since 2000, and in 2002 I got a Blogspot account–now called Blogger.  Similarly to WordPress, I now have a few blogs housed on that site….sort of how I also have physical journals dating back to high school in a box somewhere, all filled to varying stages of completion (a couple of them literally have 6 pages filled, at best).  One thing I like about Blogger is Google AdSense.  But I LOVE the design aspect of WordPress, I love how easy-to-use it is, I love the fact that WordPress has a mobile app (one that works rather well, I might add)…

But a few months ago, I did start–or rather, revive–a blog on Blogger.  That blog’s intent was to be a space for more academic, non-personal writing.  It was also part of my efforts to form good habits, as part of self-care.  The act of gradually establishing 1) time to read/research, 2) time to write, 3) time to revise and 4) time to do blog maintenance would create some order and routine.  Routine is an important part of self-care, especially positive routine.

The routine with that blog has yet to be established.  I think this is in part because the focus outward distracts from and detracts from the need to focus inward.  But that blog is not dead, and it’s important for me (and important to me) to keep it going.  If you want to check it out, you can find it at

In the meantime, if you are on Bloglovin’, consider adding this blog!


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